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Dr. Mark C. Gladnick, DDS
Wilmington, DE Cosmetic and Family Dentistry
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How do I know if my dental pain will go away on its own? When is it time to call the dentist?

If you have piercing pain that is sensitive to hot or cold foods, or chewing pain that travels to the ear or eye, you should call the dentist immediately as you may have an infection or an abscess. This can be treated with an antibiotic, or it may require a root canal. However, Dr. Gladnick will first perform a series of diagnostic tests to confirm this diagnosis.

On the other hand, if you are experiencing a dull toothache that comes and goes, it may be alleviated by following these simple steps: Make sure you brush and floss carefully, at least twice a day. You should follow this with a warm salt water rinse. After a few days of this regimen, your ache may simply disappear! If not, call the dental office immediately to make an appointment. Dr. Gladnick can be reached anytime, even after hours, for emergencies.